Perfect Turkey Breast Fillet Every Time

Posted byFiona Madigan

In general, calculate 1 hour per kilo* of meat. This cooking time is for a pre-heated electric fan-assisted oven at a temperature of 160 – 180 degrees only, which is 350F or gas mark 4. All ovens vary slightly. When will I know my Turkey Breast Fillet is cooked? We recommend covering the skin of […]

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Perfect Whole Turkey Every Time

Posted bymandystafford

In general, calculate 15 – 20 minutes roasting time per lb or 35 – 40 minutes per kilo of meat for a bird weighing up to 16lbs*/7.5kg. For a bird over 16lbs, add 12 minutes for each lb over 16 or 26 minutes for each extra kilo. These cooking times are for a pre-heated electric fan-assisted […]

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