Fitness Friday

Garrett and I have been training with the Limerick Kettlebell Club in Delta Sports Dome for about the last year.

We both have always been into fitness however with work and children we haven’t been able to focus much attention on our fitness regime over the last few years.  However, with the boys getting a little bit older and a great team in both our stores, we have been able to dedicate a little more time and attention to our fitness.

We always wanted some form of workout that we would be able to do also at home if needs be, so kettlebell training was a good choice for us.

Anyone who trains with kettlebells full time will tell you it is not easy and it takes time and patience to get the technic and lifts correct.  We are still working on both after a year!!

We both recently did a competition in Limerick hosted by the Limerick Kettlebell Club and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Garrett more so than I as he won a silver medal ☺️

Garretts - Fitness Friday

We are both training at the moment for the Cup of Ireland which takes place in Rosslare at the end of July so wish us luck and hopefully we will bring home some silverware!!