Plans Are Afoot

We are continuously innovating and progressing here at Garrett’s. As the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’ and we like to keep ourselves on our toes and mix things up a little!!

We have lots of plans afoot for the coming few years and, fingers crossed, they will come to fruition. There are always outside factors that we cannot control. However, we always drive on either over, under or through them. We can’t stay still.

Frankfurt web page

We recently visited a huge exhibition in Frankfurt for the meat industry and we are very excited with the innovation and changes that appear to be coming down the line in the industry.

Frankfurt 2 web

It was nearly a 24-hour day with a 4:30am alarm call to catch a flight and returning that night/following morning to our home at 1:30am. We were both extremely tired. However, we get a complete buzz with everything to do with meat. So I think at 1:30 we were standing up on adrenalin alone!!

Anyhow, we are so looking forward to the future of innovation and progression in our stores and we hope you will stay with us on the journey ahead.