Healthy Eating

We all would like to think that we eat healthy. However, in reality, do we? There is a huge drive lately to be fit, healthy and strong. Recent articles in the weekend edition of the Irish Independent tell us that ‘strong is the new skinny’. Everyone seems to be running, jogging, cycling, weight training or walking. Also, lots of people are counting macros. Now I have to be honest very little knowledge of macronutrients but it appears to be all the rage currently.

Joanne, in our Dooradoyle store, is an avid fan of weight training and enters numerous competitions. To get the most from her body she counts her macros and eats 5-6 times a day. We have been doing turkey rashers, turkey burgers, turkey mince and protein packs in our stores for over a year now. These products are very popular with people who are counting their macros, as protein is hugely important for our bodies. Some of you have regular orders of these products and some of you might not even know that we do these products, unless you happen to see them on display.

Protein Pack Web
So to help you out, Joanne has volunteered (under pressure!!) to calculate the macronutrients in these products for you and she is busily working away on this as I am busily typing.  And to help you out even more,very soon we are hoping to offer whole meals for 2 people with all the macronutrient details. Do let us know if you require a particular product and you can’t see it on display in our stores. This is what we are here for.

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