New York City

Garrett and I, with our two boys, recently visited New York to meet with my first cousin who is a cop in Brooklyn (it’s oh so Irish!!) And of course, on every trip we go on, we make mandatory visits to butcher stores. Our two boys are not always so keen on this. However, when we get there they always love having a good nosy around (just like us), comparing and contrasting everything to our own butcher stores.



On this trip, we visited The Meat Hook and Fleishers in Brooklyn, to name but a few!! (If we happen to pass one on our travels, we just have to call in for a nosy!!) My first cousin had done some ground work for us and had met with one of the guys in The Meat Hook and told him that we would call. As with all butcher stores we have called to, they are always extremely welcoming and friendly and are very proud and passionate about their trade and their stores.


We always find it very refreshing to see what other butchers are doing and how they are finding their trade in the well-managed and marketed “supermarket world”. 
As always, we find that people are continuously returning to independent butcher stores across the world. They are turning their backs on the supermarket in favour instead of good quality meat and the great knowledge of a local butcher.


I certainly hope this trend continues and the skills and trade of butchering stays alive and well.