Christmas Is Coming…

It’s kind of appropriate when launching our new site to look back at my very first blog post below. It will provide you with an introduction to myself and Garrett if you’re a first-time visitor. It’s also very timely, as we’re in the Christmas rush period once more…

Happy-ChristmasMy husband Garrett and I are the owners of Garrett’s – Limerick’s Quality Butcher. We opened our first store in 2004, two stores and two children later, we are still going! Some weeks are more difficult than others. There are lots of trials and tribulations associated with running your own business, as some of you already know.

We are heading for our busiest period… Yes, CHRISTMAS! It is just organised chaos. We always start preparing from July of each year. Christmas has definitely gotten easier over the years. The first year was an absolute nightmare but we managed to get through it and come out the other side. I remember having to talk to Garrett in the fridge and literally tell him to breathe and not to panic. You will be glad to hear that a lot has changed with nine Christmas’ under our belt (2015 is our eleventh). Last year, we were so organised that we were sure we had forgotten something major. But we hadn’t!!

We have a small holding now where we grow herbs and rear our Tamworth free range pigs for the stores. Pigs are clever animals and Tamworth’s are the Houdini’s of the pig world. They have broken out on us so many times at this stage and have been found in all our neighbours’ gardens digging up their prized flowers and vegetables.

I have read lots of blogs however, this is the first one I have ever written.

I hope you will join us on our journey into the blog world and I hope to keep you up to the date on the goings on in the lives of our family and business in Ireland.