Black Pudding the New Superfood

Here is a photo of Nana Lizzie with all her boys

Recent articles have declared that Black Pudding is the new superfood for 2016 such as this one here from January in The Guardian and this one here from The Irish Independent.

Both quote that Black Pudding is high in iron and zinc, two minerals frequently missing from the modern diet.

Our Black Pudding and White Pudding cakes in our stores are close to my heart as these are made following the recipes of my Nana Lizzie.

My grandfather was also a butcher and my eldest sister always remembered Nana hand-making the black and white puddings at home in the family kitchen.

It took me a while to locate the recipe and these puddings are available in our stores and are very popular for main course and starter dishes.  They both are also firm favourites for dinner with my two boys and Garrett, of course.

If you haven’t tried our pudding cakes, makes sure to ask for them the next time you are in our stores and do let me know what your verdict is.